The Media Manifestation

The new and enthusiastic members of Publications, Centre for Social Action (CSA) of Christ University attended an editorial workshop on July 6th 2013. It was conducted by Nandini Mani, an University alumni of Journalism to welcome for all the volunteers of CSA.

The objective of the workshop was to refurbish, so to speak, the volunteers’ literary and editorial skills for the upcoming year. The presentation focused on various aspects of writing including types of writings and editing procedures. The volunteers were engaged in activities involving error-identification and rectification in writing. The affair was not all that weighty, and everyone had their share of laughter, and Ms. Mani distributed candy for the contributions made.

The session was compact and kept the latest additions to the CSA Publications Team at par with times in the literary world. This allows the volunteers to emulate their abilities in the magazine, We Care.

Nandhini Mani expressed how she too had an exceptional time and looked forward to the work of the team in the time yet to come. A feedback session followed when the participants expressed how they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and took something concrete that would aid them in the future.

Repoted by: Anubhutie Singh, I EMS & Siddharth Dey, I EMS ; Edited by: Mridhula Murali I PSEng

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