CSA Orientation 2013


It’s that time of year again, where Centre for Social Action(CSA) welcomes it’s new members into its folds. There were eager faces around me as I sat, waiting with curiosity for the orientation to begin.

The prelude to the orientation involved us being asked to reflect on and write about our reasons for joining CSA.  Listening to some of the reflections of my fellow volunteers, I realized that their reasons and my motive for joining this organization were similar. They were, to serve, and also to empower one’s self with skills, knowledge, awareness and growth.

The programme began with a video depicting the social realities of today and it provided us a certain readiness, of knowing what lay ahead. The screening of the video was followed by some  speeches  elucidating the vision and  key functions of the organization. There was also a very enriching talk by Prof.Johny Joseph, fondly known as ‘ Johny Sir’ within the realms of CSA.

Now, it was time for some enjoyment. We played a game called ‘ Human, Tiger, Hunter’ for which we were divided into two large teams and had to work collectively to defeat the opposing team. This time of fun and camaderie was followed by group meetings that we had to attend.

CSA has Activity Centre, Drishti and Publications each with their own legacy and there is also a creativity team and a photography club. We were introduced to our group leaders and also learnt of Chatting Over Coffee which is an open discussion forum held in the University premises.  We were introduced to the troop leaders and it is comforting to know, that they will be there.

The orientation came to an end, with emotions soaring, and a great number of passionate volunteers embarking on a journey that they will always hold special.

Reported by: Srishti Banerjee, I PSEng ; Edited by: Nivendra Uduman, II MPCO

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