Drishti & Publications Workshop 2013


It was 2.00pm on a Saturday afternoon and we were waiting eagerly for a team building session to begin. The workshop held on 26th June 2013, was to be conducted by Mr Dominic and his arrival was much awaited. There were volunteers from Drishti and Publications present at the session. We came with certain expectations and assumptions about how the session might turn out to be, but boy, were we wrong?

There were a number of activities which were both fun and reflective. It helped us build more cohesion as a group which is essential for an organization like CSA. One such activity was when we had to walk around and suddenly were asked to stop. We had to interact with the volunteer ahead of us. This helped us in easy communication. There were similar activities that took place and they helped us get to know better than the usual ‘ Hello’ and ‘Good-bye’ we often use

We were able to share a slice our lives with another person and also listen to another person doing the same. This made me reflect on the art of reciprocation in communication. We had an opportunity to share our views and reflections about these exercises with our trainer. Then we moved on to play a game called ‘Myth’s and Truth’s’ which received active, enthusiastic participation from everyone present. I understood a tit bit more about human nature through this game.

The session came to a closure at 5.00pm and it was a memorable three hours we spent together building unity, cohesion and also self-reflection. There was a great deal of interaction, sharing, empathetic listening and fun. This team building activity was a great beginning for lots more to come. I hope CSA will provide us with more opportunities to learn and to be more reflective about ourselves and others.

Reported by: Avani Jain, I PSEng; Edited by: Nivendra Uduman, II MPCO

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