Wizening Workshop


On the balmy afternoon of July 6 took place an event filled with warmth and smiles-CSA’s Activity Centre Workshop. The workshop was conducted by Miss Ramya Memon, a post graduate student of Christ University. It started with us assembling in the Mini Auditorium at 1.30 pm. We were grouped into six teams of nine or ten members.

The first activity required each team to list out 10 points to tackle a situation The situations ranged from ‘How will you make your class entertaining for the children to listen?’ to ‘How will you maintain the regularity of the students of your class?’ Needless to say, every team tried their best. This was a followed by a group discussion.

The next task was an activity based assignment. The idea was to earn money from the Christites to get food for the maintenance staff. There was a subtle change in the team set-up for the task – two were blindfolded, two were muted, two were made three-legged and the rest constituted the strength of the teams. The time stipulated was just half an hour.

Finally, the session was concluded with a presentation. It compelled us to think about the varying abilities of students, the language-barrier, maintaining the regularity of the class and so on. The session which was packed with fun, also paved way for self-reflection. We learnt the importance of co-ordination and team-work. It also helped us make new friends, which comes with being a part of CSA.

Reported by: Nishok U G, I CEP ; Edited by: Sharon Lewis, I B.Com (Hons.)

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