The Experience in Photo Club

It was 20th June, Saturday when the members of the photo club gathered in the Panel hall in Block 2. With different questions in their minds as to what will happen next, the members of the club were waiting anxiously for the dignitaries to arrive. It was no sooner when, Navneet Prakash volunteer at CRY and Vijay Raj, member of Iclickd and volunteer at CRY, who were the guest lectures of the event were interacting with the club members.

 Navneet Prakash started with briefing the club about the CRY organization, its mission and its theme for the year that was ‘Education among Children’. He then showed a path to the young volunteers of the photography club as to how they could light candles in the dark life of the education-deprived children.

 Then, Vijay Raj, who is also a part of click right campaign, enlightened the young learning photographers of CSA with the technicalities involved in a click of a picture. After giving an overview of the technicalities, he gave us a practical insight of the same. To enhance the understanding of how to click pictures that tell stories, Vijay showed different pictures and asked the club to scrutinize every aspect of the pictures. After this exercise the team members learned that to capture really amazing movements one has to understand the subject whose pictures will be taken and try predicting actions so that you never miss a special moment.

 It is because of the seminar that from now on, the club members will no longer click pictures but will capture moments.

Reported by:  Sonal, I BA. LLB ; Edited by: Siddharth Dey, I HEP

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