Sports Day 2013

The wonderful day finally arrived after a lot of obstacles. It was the first event of the year with the kids. Some things in life are worth the wait, so was the sports day that was held at PU quadrangle on (date). Few things go as expected, but then what’s life without uncertainty and challenges?

The kids from L. R. Nagar(Laxman Rao Nagar) and Ambedkar Nagar entered the quadrangle with a lot of discipline and enthusiasm which, we never showed during our school time for any event. Though all the events began late, we did a pretty good job in managing the time.

The events that followed were the lemon-spoon race, potato race and flat relay. In between snacks were distributed among the  kids. I experienced one of the most amazing moment’s that day. Kids were coming to the volunteers and offering their snacks to them. The oneness and belongingness they behold was heart touching.  One girl child from my activity center came to me and told “Shivani Akka(sister), come sit with us”. I was amazed to hear that, as I never expected them to remember my name. That was the moment when I actually realized the impact and importance we hold in their life. For us it might be just another day, but for them it meant a lot.

After a few rounds of games the children headed for lunch. After which we began the afternoon session with musical chair.Due to rain we could not conduct outdoor games. But keeping children’s preferences and eagerness in mind, we conducted a small football match at the ground.After all the games had taken place the kids presented few dance performances.Seeing them dancing, memories of my school days were rekindled. Our volunteers also danced with the kids.

 Towards the end,the prize distribution ceremony took place. The participation of the children was much appreciated. We had a small feedback session after the event amongst us, volunteers.The pros and cons of the day were discussed. The purpose of the sports day had been served. The smile on the children’s faces and satisfaction on each volunteers’ face was truly gratifying. Sacrificing a Sunday’s sleep to see those cute little smiles was totally worth it.

Reported by: Shivani More, I Msc ; Edited by: Priyanka Das, II PSEco

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