Tactical Talent’s Day

The summer of 2013 had a lot up its sleeve for the children of L. R. Nagar and Ambedkar Nagar. The day kicked off with the lighting of the lamp and an impressive introductory speech by our MC Jesu.

The kids were then escorted to the stalls set up for them like Photo Booth, Be a Teacher and ABCD. The hard work of the volunteers resulted in an enriching experience for the kids. Around noon, a picture quiz was held to engage them.

       Alright, the learning part was done. Time for some hard-core fun! After lunch, the lads showcased their talents in various events like music, dance, mime and mimicry. The stage was all theirs and they did no less than rock it. The judges had a hard time in choosing the winner.

Toward the end of the show, the volunteers danced to some desi beats along with those buds but the little peeps still stole the whole show. Finally, the prizes were distributed and yet another beautiful day came to an end with the hope that such a time will come again soon.

Reported by: Nishok U G, I CEP ; Edited by: Sharon Lewis, I B.Com (Hons)

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