Milan: Cultural Evening


December, among its many specialities also hosts one of the most spectacular events of Christ University, fondly held and organized by the Centre of Social Action called Milan. It comprises of bringing together all the various project areas children sponsored by CSA. Milan is like a good cup of coffee..addictive and refreshing ..but to enjoy it , your love for it must be genuine. The volunteers come together and work for many days prior to the three day event, just so they can give the wonderful kids coming from different parts of the country, an event to remember.

The first day is the life of the event with all of the kids amalgamating together, practicing, getting comfortable with the surroundings and of course who can forget, making friends with the volunteers.   The various committees work effortlessly to bring them to the campus and after that getting them prepped up for the major dance and singing events in the evening that follows.


After the crowd committee settles them down, they are organized into their areas and the show begins with a dhamaka. Chandrika, Gowthami, Jesu , Bhavya and others compeered with full gusto vibrating the entire hall with their energy alone ; what a wonderful beginning that was to the performances that followed. The children were simply magical! There is no other word to describe how beautifully they performed whether it was singing or dancing, theme or non-theme , what they did was so enjoyable and well rehearsed that we fell short of words and spoke with our jaws dropping and hands clapping. All the teams, with their extraordinary make up and costumes enveloped the stage and thundered down energy which didn’t reduce as the night progressed but only increased. Competition was evident among the teams but that didn’t discourage these little wonders, who took the challenge head on and brought even better performances as a comeback.

The non-participants deserve credit as well for being the most supportive audience as they cheered every team with equal enthusiasm. One team had to perform again due to technical difficulties, which sounds pitiful but the audience cheered like there is no tomorrow. After the children were done for the night, the volunteers gifted the kids for their performances with a dance and a play which was scripted in five different languages being sensitive to the diverse crowd. The audience once again welcomed the play with showers of praise, spreading the happiness around contagiously. Thus the first day reached its conclusion, leaving the volunteers and the children brimming with anticipation and enthusiasm for the sporting events that followed the day after.

Reported by: Ruchira Raghavan, IPSEng

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