Bengaluru Darshana

The railway station was a mix of clamour and calm as the volunteers waited for the kids carrying their vibratant smiles. Fifty-one excited kids from project Unnathi of Bagalkot take their first steps like rays of the sun in Bangalore. After being taken to the waiting room, the children attentively heard the instructions given to them and attended their roll calls. They were taught Sadhugadhala, shhhh a Drishti way of demanding silence and giving instructions. Relishing their meal, the kids discussed their journey from Bagalkot to Bangalore. Chetan, a child from Unnathi told that they sang and danced a lot in the train. The kids started for Vidhana Soudha by 11:00 am. As the journey started they looked at the sights in Bangalore with the Milan song playing in the background. On reaching the venue, the children were spellbound by the Vidhan Soudha. The kids were taken to Karnataka Legislative Assembly and told about it’s decision making function in the State. After an introduction to the history of Vidhan Soudha which was constructed in 1956, the children were quized with general knowledge question. At the next destination- The Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium, the children were taken for a scintillating show. They were also addressed by Dr. Anand, an astronaut. When he told the kids about sun being a star and that the Moon is 3,00,000 kms away from us they screamed in excitement. At the end of it, the kids went to Bangalore Central Campus with eyes full of the days sights and minds bubbling with new learning.

By, Vani Ambardar