“There was a strange current in the air, a buzzing, ethereal stirring of energy. With that, I knew – Milan was here.”

As spectacular as the final event of Milan is, the magic doesn’t just begin and end with the final days alone. The glimmer, glee and glow of the show take days and weeks to materialise. CSA Volunteers from all three campuses got together and after meticulous planning, geared up to make this mega event a reality. 

After the volunteers for Milan had been allotted to their respective committees, they all conducted meetings to familiarize the volunteers with each other and with the work. Work continued in earnest as the new semester began. On 24th November, the enthusiastic volunteers from the BGR, Kengeri and Bangalore Central campuses got together for an exciting ice-breaker session for volunteers so they may get to know each other better before the finale. The energy levels rose higher than ever when this group determinedly embarked on this journey of a fortnight, together. Following this session, preparations continued with renewed vigour, as volunteers were constantly running around, making arrangements and

handling multiple responsibilities. Not a day went by, when the CSA Office wasn’t abuzz with Milan prep after college hours, sometimes till as late as 8 PM. Half of the fun of Milan lay in the preparations of the event itself. Milan is such a powerful force that numerous senior volunteers came back to CSA, to relive their best college experience.

Amidst all the running around, a lot of beautiful friendships were made, lots of laughs shared but all in all, it was worth it in the end.