In Conversation with CSA Volunteers

For every volunteer of Centre for Social Action, its flagship event, Milan, means the world to them. When we asked two CSA volunteers, Shikhar Sinha and Ritwik Mund, they had a lot to share about their feelings about their Milan. “ Controlling 300 kids is not an easy job, but I know for a fact that the CSA volunteers will do a splendid job and the event will be unforgettable.” "As they say, ‘Sabr Ka Fal Mitha Hota Hai (The fruit of patience is sweet)”, Ritwik shares. The third-year volunteers, apart from their expectations alone, had a lot to share about their experiences from Milan 2017. “Yes, Milan memories don't fade away so easily. Everything that we plan or do has some beautiful story to remember.” Achal poignantly speaks of his experience from Milan 2017. This resonated with all the volunteers. “While editing the Milan 2017 after movie, we came across some footage of a girl from our project area saying that CSA volunteers treated her better than anyone has ever done. At this moment, we broke down and decided to add this to the final video. We had only twenty minutes before the screening of the after movie, but we couldn’t have left her part out. “euphorically recollects James, a CSA alumnus. Every CSA event helps its volunteers reflect on life and take these life lessons forward in becoming a better human being of tomorrow. “One major lesson I learned from Milan 2017 is how each child was satisfied with whatever they got. We might say that they have little, but I've seen children sharing whatever they got during the events. The child's innocent sense of responsibility is captured here, and I truly admire this.” Neethu, one of our third-year volunteers puts all her thoughts in words, and we couldn’t agree.