Milan Quotes


“We liked the carnival games, especially “Can the Can” and “Sleep drawing.”

-Ms. Anu and Ms. Ruby, facilitators, Vriddhi. 

“The energy of the kids is amazing. Kids are participating so actively in everything. Milan helps bring out their talent.” 

-Ms. Meghala, Project 3D.


“Milan was a success because we established a system of constant communication with the faculty, facilitators, project officers and volunteers to plan out the activities.”

-Jino Joy, Project Officer, CSA 

It’s maddening and there’s a merriment in all the madness. It’s both exhilarating and exciting. It is also really enriching for the volunteers, as it allows them to know who we are working with. It is the coming together of all the volunteers of CSA.”

Mrs. Phinu Jose, Director, CSA 

From Children

“The volunteers looked after us so well. They slept very little during the night because they made sure that all of us slept first. They even played songs for us.”

Nitin, Participant from Tilaknagar

“I liked Milan very much, especially dancing on the stage and talking to the annas and akkas.”

Hanumant, Bagalkot participant.

“The university ground is my favourite place here and I really enjoyed all the sports activities. Playing “Can the Can” at the carnival stall was also a lot of fun.”

Ammu, Vriddhi participant