Milan Sports -2019

“Left, left, left right left”, marched the young flag-bearer in perfect sync, as they set the stage for a great second day of Milan 2019. Sports Day started with a welcome speech by Smt. Panneer Selvi, Project Coordinator, Unnathi. The seeds of a competitive spirit are sown on the field. Strategy, sweat and strength are all put to the test on that field, which becomes an exquisite learning platform. This platform lets children experiment at the right age and grow with the same spirit. Starting with individual sports events, children were called to respective venues as per their slots. As the children tried to ‘Balance the Book’ on their heads, their hesitant smiles slowly developed into confidence. In Three-Legged Race, children learned the value of co-opetition, that is, mutual benefit through cooperation. A spirit of joy filled the ground with events like Sack Race, Pass the Hurdle, Reverse Race, Run with Balloon and Obstacle Race. Shifting to a serious atmosphere, the day witnessed Relay Race and Sprint as well. In Long Jump and Shot Put, kids not only learnt something new, but performed with flying colours. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” The team events marked the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork, as all the kids tried to present their talents in the best possible manner.  Dog-and-Bone, an interesting epitome of strategy, marked the beginning of the team games. This was followed by Kho-Kho. Every team was a diverse bunch – this gave the kids an understanding of team spirit despite having come from different project areas. Hoola Hoops tested the kids’ patience and balance, wherein they were supposed to balance the hoops for as long as they could. The kids were then divided into teams for the energetic game of Tug-of- War, which taught them that the strength of a team is what takes it past all adversities. A surprise game of Tug-of-War for the volunteers was conducted too. This gave the volunteers an opportunity to use their strength and prove their might. Sports day, hence concluded as a perfect way of challenging one’s strength and going beyond possibilities to understand what one’s worth.  With that, Sports Day, and with it, Milan, was concluded in the best possible way – by coming together and celebrating our strengths.

Written by, Kishnika Dhawan and Vani Ambardar