Valedictory 2019- 2020

As another fruitful year came to an end on 6th March 2020, it was time for time to replenish the fruits bared and celebrate new seedlings. A bittersweet day marking the end of CSA’s academic year was finally here. The ground floor of Central Block buzzed with activity and excited murmurs coming from the Seminar Hall. The event began with presentations made by the various leaders of the year 2019-20 who outlined not just what their wing and the organization achieved through the year, but also covered all the progress made along with the obstacles they encountered.

Dr. Victor Paul, Team Leader, CSA,  addressed the volunteers with the key note address by sharing his experience of being a volunteer in his college days, he also shared that the learning that we gain during volunteerism activities mold our lives too.  Following this, Scholarship certificates were handed over to chosen students by the Director, Prof. Phinu Jose

Fr. Rinoj, Principal, Christ College, Malur campus then took the opportunity to unveil CSA’s annual magazine ‘We Care’ and called forward the students involved in this project. This was followed by his speech that appreciated the volunteers’ efforts and expressed his high expectations for our future endeavors.

CSAs’ Director Phinu Jose bid the third years farewell and welcomed the new leaders. By sharing her experiences as a part of this organization, she conveyed the value of the volunteers and the work we do.

As the ceremony was held on the last day of Malur’s exposure camp at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), students from Christ College, Malur gave feedback and thanked the CSA team for their orientation and support. They narrated some of their experiences, they had in the last two days that they spent with the CSA volunteers and said that they hoped to set up an organization just as good as the one they witnessed here.

The leaders of 2019-20 were ordained with certificates for their contributions to CSA. Then came the highlight of the event, when current leaders signed off and gracefully handed over their positions to the first year’s chosen for the task. The leaders also felt the need to recognize volunteers that made exceptional contributions to their wings and CSA through special mentions.

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