United Nations Day

Envisioning Sustainable Development Goals: Commemoration of the 75th UN Anniversary

On 24th of October 2020, Centre for Social Action (CSA) organized an event via Cisco Webex platform to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the UN.

The event commenced with Dr Victor Paul’s address to the attendees about the contributions made by CSA to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Along the same theme, posters created by the volunteers were unveiled by Father Dr Jose CC – which further highlighted CSA’s contribution to the UN’s vision. Subsequently, Dr John Samuel, Chair of Asia Democracy Network, Seoul, shared his keynote address on Envisioning Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. John Samuel provided the attendees with a critical overview of the UN, along with the challenges the organization needs to tackle in the future. Further, he discussed the significance of the SDGs not only worldwide but also in India; especially in the times of the global pandemic. He concluded by expressing his ideas about the future of the world and how progress will take place.

In a subsequent session on Google Meet, the student leader body of CSA from Bangalore Central, Bannerghatta and Kengeri Campus then presented their ideas of 10 SDGs. This initiative by the leaders was aimed at sensitizing themselves along with the volunteer body about CSA’s contribution to each SDG. In these presentations, initiatives undertaken in previous years were evaluated in order to provide a direction towards future improvements. This also helped the leaders to ideate upon potential ideas on how they can contribute as individuals and as a whole to make an impact.

Concluding on an insightful note, the event was deemed as successful with its provision of a multi-dimensional approach towards achieving the bigger picture of social action.

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