SDG Conference 2020

12th November- 13th November

“Education as a propelling force towards sustainable development goals”


Education is the fundamental core for all other SDGs- quoted Job Zachariah at the inaugural ceremony of the two day SDG conference organised by CSA, BCC. This observation made by the keynote speaker resonated the eminence of the theme of the conference. Education as a theme is extensive and integrative which makes it a great topic of conversation, deliberation and implementation. The inauguration marked an impressive facade for a two day engagement of academic investigations and research with chief guests Job Zachariah (Chief UNICEF officer Chattisgarh) and Dr. (Fr) Jose CC, Pro-VC honouring the ceremony with their receptions and insights on education as a great propelling force. A poster presentation by the volunteers signified CSA’s role towards the fulfillment of SDGs. The two days were cloaked with research paper presentations on various branches and domains like linguistic relativity, withdrawing stigmas and taboos, the lockdown impact, school curriculum and role of education in social enhancements. The enthusiastic response for the conference impressed the organisers to designate a 4 track session with a total of 42 papers shortlisted from over 68 invites. The paper presentations were graced by judges which included faculty from CSA as well for the evaluation. Impressive quality of papers, appropriate methodologies, use of cross disciplinary measures and tools, specific and deeply researched topics were some of the remarks made by the judges. The panel discussion followed the paper presentation which were chaired by Dr. Hemalatha, Dr. Bobby Joseph and Dr. Vasudev Sharma and moderated by Dr. Moses Satralkar entertained the audience with an engaging conversation on how educational institutions can play a role. The audiences were really struck with the opportunities that were latent to them and were very eager to know how one as an individual could channelise towards the bigger goal of SDGs.

            A wholesome participation with about 200 plus attendees across both the days was the frosting on the whole conference. The 2 day event was brought to a close after all the participants had a comprehensive understanding of the importance of education and were able to set in perspective their thoughts and ideas to bring a change in the future of the world.

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