Inauguration of UN Academic Impact (UNAI)

Event- United Nations Academic Impact Program 2021

Date- 8th of February, 2021

Time- 7.00 PM to 8:45 PM

Organized by- Centre for Social Action (CSA) and Christ (Deemed to be University)

Platform- Cisco Webex

No. of attendees- 314

Objective- To provide details and insights into the opportunities available to Christites through various internships, scholarships and training programs. To highlight the University’s activities aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals that come under the purview of United Nations Academic Impact program 2021.

Main Points- This event marks the journey with the United Nations Academic Impact program. It strengthens the University’s relationship with the United Nations body and its commitment towards fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The event started with the emcees Pragati Sambrani and Soniya Manek welcoming the gathering. Before the proceedings began a silent prayer was offered by all. Dr. Victor Paul, the Director of CSA then gave the welcome speech that delved deeply into the functioning of the UN, the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Intellectual Social Responsibility. He highlighted the crucial role of universities, education, skill development, climate action, Sustainable Development Goals and recycling. Adding to this, he stressed on the importance of the mentioned topics on campus. Cementing the collaboration with the UN was also mentioned.

Dr. Fr. Abraham VM, the Vice-Chancellor of Christ (Deemed to be University) gave the inaugural address and declared the collaboration open. This implied that Christ (Deemed to be University) was now a part of the UNAI. Following the announcement, a certificate from UNAI was displayed, which included all the necessary credentials. This certificate was a mark of the official collaboration and bestowed honor upon the University. Dr. Suniti Phadke, the Dean of International Relations explained the details of the collaboration and mentioned how fruitful and enriching this program is for the students. Dr. Joseph Wilson Lobo, the Chief Consultant of International Initiatives, in his word of felicitation, mentioned that Christ (Deemed to be University) is the first among many institutions to sign an accord with the UN for sustainable development and this was certainly a step in the right direction. Dr Guydeuk Yeon, the Director of the Innovation Centre, Prof. Biju Toms, the Director of Professional Studies, Fr Lijo Thomas the Director of International Affairs, Athul MV, Fr. Viju P Devassy from Delhi Campus and Fr. Arun Anthony from Pune campus congratulated the management and the students for achieving this milestone.

Later, our chief guest of the day, Mr. Saji Thomas, a former UN Civil Servant, UNHQ, and New York delivered the keynote address. The insightful session educated the students on the importance of being impactful and motivated them to create ripples in the world with their positive thoughts and actions. Dr. Valarmathi, the Coordinator of CSA proposed the vote of thanks, after which, the floor was declared open for a brief Q/A session.  Mr. Saji Thomas presented and explained the structure of the UN, internships offered, and their benefits for the student community. As he interacted with the students, he shared his experiences and reiterated the importance of peace and friendship. 

The session came to end as the university anthem was played. Christites were able to take away a lot from the event and were offered many insights into becoming a global citizen.


●       The event was planned systematically and all the panelists added value to the event.

●      There was a minor technical issue at the start of the event, but was handled smoothly by the team.

●      The turnout was brilliant and this certainly was a very enriching session.

●        The questions asked at the end of the session were certainly a fitting end to what had been a productive session.

Conclusion- The organizing committee executed the event remarkably. The event as a whole was a success and most importantly, the attendees had a lot to take away.

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